Use case

MockUPhone helps you to wrap your app screenshots in your favorite iOS/ Android/ Win Phone devices with multiple colors and orientations. Use this tool to help you with things like:

App Design Presentation

Present your web/ app designs using real device canvas, impress your clients with perfect screenshots generated by this effortless drag-and-drop tool.

App Website and Promotion

Display your app screenshots on websites and marketing materials in real device arts, and provide better visual context for your designs.

Responsive Design Presentation

Compare the looks of your web/ app designs on different canvas to give an idea of responsive design in the context of real mobile devices.

App Concept Design

Showcase your app concept in the frames of real devices, to illustrate process and workflow in a more realistic and impressive way.

Share Your App Designs

Show off your creativities and talents in front of your friends! Embrace the comments and keep improving!

Still need a reason?

  • IT SAVES YOUR TIME and let you focus on designing and developing better apps
  • It helps people understand your app works on certain mobile devices
  • It impresses your clients & attracts customers